Ursula Braunshirn

Discover how Ursula’s beautiful Pointillist paintings can enrich your life and why they create an inspiring atmosphere and healing space in your home.

You’ll love that this is not just decorative art. Ursula’s light filled paintings are created so you can tap more easily into your innate resourcefulness, health, wellbeing and joy through spirituality, consciousness and awareness. You can feel Ursula’s art draw you into a world of inner peace and serenity.

Ursula is an increasingly popular international artist whose paintings are part of private collections with solo exhibitions in Europe and Australia since 2001.

Sharing a studio with: Anne Everingham
Address: 129 Seib Road,
Eumundi QLD 4562

Parking: Onsite parking
Wheelchair Access: Yes
Telephone: 0421 899 681
Email: ubraunshirn@hotmail.com
Website: lifeartsoul.com


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