Dinah Wakefield

Dinah's paintings are abstract representations of the light, energy and movement in nature: the invisible currents that underlie the natural world and surface in the landscape we experience. She paints on a large scale creating a unique combination of colour, form and movement.

Dinah's paintings are enjoyed all over the world, including collections in New York, London, Paris, and throughout Australia. She has developed a reputation for major artworks created for hotel and interior design projects. She is known for the tremendous sense of movement and energy that she captures in her paintings and the beautiful ambience her work creates.


Address: 42 Lorilet Street,
Peregian Beach QLD 4573
Parking: Street parking
Wheelchair Access: No
Telephone: 0412 720 235
Email: admin@dinahwakefield.com
Website: dinahwakefield.com


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