Dale Leach

Dale Leach Painter, Printmaker Dale Leach paints what surrounds and interests her. She loves the colours, textures and patterns of the hinterland landscapes and loves animals. She uses photography and drawing to record what attracts her and then edits her drawings to distill and simplify her paintings. Her influences are drawn from Pop Art, Street Art and Faux Naïve art works that offer escape from formal figuration. After teaching wet chemistry photography and art for over twenty years and living and working in Darwin for ten years, Dale is conscious that her art should be free of formal constraints.

Sharing a studio with: Fiona Groom
Address: 25 Wattlebird Drive,
Doonan QLD 4562
Parking: Street parking
Wheelchair access: No
Telephone: 0407 534 083
Email: dlea9234@bigpond.net.au
Website: www.daleleach.com.au


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