Tracey Lee Textiles

Tracey Lee makes handmade journals using tea and coffee-stained papers, vintage lace, silk ribbons, and handmade ephemera. Her journals are beautifully crafted to be used for journaling, drawing, painting, etc. Each journal is a unique piece made with great attention to detail, reflecting Tracey Lee’s passion for creating beautiful things.

Jayne Hodgson Art

Jayne’s a professional artist with a unique style. Her bold, fluid, textural works reflect our natural environment. The use of colour and light ‘invite’ the observer to engage with the painting. “The exhibition is a symphony of colour…these paintings could fill any room with energy…a stimulating exhibition.” Oman Observer

Simone Z Leao (Outer)

Simone’s innovative approach to textile art and fashion design includes the creation of unique fabric patterns based on her drawings and 3D-textiles through fabric manipulation techniques. Her artwork is focused on the tension between the uniqueness of the individual and the collectiveness of the society and the environment they belong.