Kelly Williams Design

Kelly is a printmaker and illustrator. With a background in surface and visual design, she has a keen eye for colour and pattern. From her tiny backyard studio she carves her own blocks printing on paper and textiles. Kelly also illustrates in watercolour combining block print techniques in her designs.

Bulumbeer Gardens & Art Gallery

Steven Hill is a visual concept artist, specialising in large format, impactful, feature wall art. Steven is the curator of Bulumbeer Gardens, a unique hinterland creative space that features an array of Secret Gardens showcasing his latest compositions in all weather outdoor art. A must see exhibition.

Sancha McGilchrist

Sancha’s creative skills range from mixed media to vibrant acrylics on canvas, ink and botanical press. Her preference leans towards contemporary landscape and still life. Sancha has had 9 exhibitions and her work has gone to all areas throughout Australia and overseas also resident artist at Eumundi Road Gallery

Jan Murphy

Jan’s art filled with colour, life, created with acrylic, mixed media, collage and found objects. Her hand-made stencils and scratching and scraping add interest and texture. With recent successful exhibitions, Jan is looking forward to showing her new work at Noosa Open Studios 2023. Her photographs have been sold worldwide.

Dale Leach Art

Dale has been interested in art all her life. However during her working life, she either had no money for art supplies or no time to use them. It has only been possible to pursue her passion for painting and art making since leaving full time work permanently.

Jenny Hines Art

Working in oil and acrylic, Jenny constructs bold landscape images abstracted from the visible world, building a composition of fragmented memories drawn from her physical, spiritual and emotional recollections. Distinct and multifaceted images solidify a natural presence – one of the weather, colour and texture of foliage.

Giuliana De Witts Art

Inspired by nature Giuliana breathes her sunny coast locale at Sunrise Beach into her painting, print making, expressive mark making, and life drawing.
Colour and movement merge in her works, a celebration of the relationship between art and the artist, spanning 27 years of creative freedom!