Francoise Alloin Monnereau

Francoise works from her art studio in Cooran.She is a story teller and her canvasses weave mythology, symbols, and sacred geometry.Francoise is also inspired by the beauty of the Noosa Hinterland, and intuitively unleashes her free spirit on the canvas, with vibrant coloured and abstract impressions.

Art in Pomona

Living and working in the Noosa Hinterland has inspired Sara to paint the bird life surrounding her home. Also interested in the human form, having her large studio space has enabled her to indulge in her passion of large genre pieces.


Nicole is a local artist living on acreage in the Noosa hinterland with her partner & children. Nicole enjoys painting seascapes with oils capturing beautiful natural scenery around Australia and New Zealand. Nicole enjoys travelling, photography, music, writing, cooking, teaching and helping others.

Mark Price

Mark’s inspired by Australian wildlife, the natural world and the wonders of the underwater world. Typically, he explores the notion of zoomorphism, attributing animal characteristics to humans. It is an avenue for him to honour bonding relationships. His exquisite engravings are fine, complex illustrations, telling the stories of multifaceted relationships.

Anne Yang

Anne loves to paint the beauty of nature in pastel, oil and watercolour. She is captivated by the effects of light on colour and form. Anne teaches and demonstrates in the medium of soft pastel, as a Master Pastellist. Her award-winning paintings are highly esteemed for their realistic beauty.

Paulus Kooij

Born in Amsterdam. Retired Engineering project manager.Developed his artistic skills at an early age. He is a skilled visual artist and illustrator with a vivid imagination pushing the boundaries of traditions and ethics. Sold many artworks over the years but rarely participated in competitions.

Jacqueline Weening Art

Jacqueline has attended landscape painting courses both in Australia and in The Netherlands.Her intention is to pleasantly remind viewers of distinctly unique aspects of Australia’s environment, namely the flora, fauna and seascapes.She is passionate about the Paperbark tree, otherwise known as the Melaleuca Quinquenervia, Punk Tree or Niaouli.

Andrew Hillhouse

Andrew’s current interest is in the colour and textural qualities of acrylic paint. His paintings are described as abstract impressions of the natural environment that provoke an emotional response. His paintings are held in private collections in Sydney, Adelaide and Munich. He works in paint and mixed media.

Steve Scamp

Steve paints in a realistic, often detailed style. He is attracted by patterns in nature and the built environment. He gets inspiration from the light, colours and textures of the Noosa region and beyond. He usually starts with rough compositions in mind, then sees what unfolds on the canvas.

Lorna Goldring

Lorna’s work is an abstract exploration of her inner and outer world. Through landscape, colour and mark making she expresses her sense of place, connection and belonging. The work is intuitive, bold, and its goal is to express the feeling of the specific visual experience.

Julie R McPhee

Having graduated from the Sydney College of Arts, Julie sought further inspiration by attending Victorian Artists Society workshops and mentored retreats in Italy and the Northern Territory. She paints in oils and acrylics and is eager to establish a presence in the local art community.

Jayne Hodgson Art

Jayne’s a professional artist with a unique style. Her bold, fluid, textural works reflect our natural environment. The use of colour and light ‘invite’ the observer to engage with the painting. “The exhibition is a symphony of colour…these paintings could fill any room with energy…a stimulating exhibition.” Oman Observer

Jane Powell

Jane used to joke that she ‘worked to fund her art habit’. Now a retiree, she is free to pursue art as inspiration takes her. At Lily Pad Studio, visitors will enjoy a variety of 2D works in differing mediums and subjects.

Gail Affleck

Gabi Timm’s multidisciplinary practice spans across sculpture, printmaking, painting and handmade artisan jewellery. Her wearable treasures, inspired by nature, are a fusion of recycled, up-cycled and ethically sourced materials. Her studio is an eclectic collection of objects and materials where Gabi explores and experiments with unconventional art processes.

Shelley Owen Art

Shelley Owen is an emerging artist residing in Noosa. Combined with her love of colour, her art is bold, energetic and uplifting. Her artworks are unique, multi-layered creations, expressing aspects of her experiences in life, inspired by her love of the ocean as well as her spirited connection with nature

Shape Meets Texture

These beautifully handcrafted mosaic plant pots & pet bowls (for the posh pooch) are made with precision, coming in various sizes & colours. You will also find unique turned wooden bowls with inlaid mosaics. Shape Meets Texture also features acrylic artwork on canvas & floating frames.

Lucy Laino

Lucy is an artist and art teacher, working from her studio in Tewantin. She draws on the natural environment exploring shapes, pattern, and texture with a focus on repetition. Obsessed with fine lines and details, Lucy works on paper and canvas, experimenting with an ever-changing array of mediums and processes.

Jodie Ramsay Art

Bold and saturated colour is central to Jodie‘s art. Drawing inspiration from vivid colour relationships within Australian flora and fauna, the Artist features extravagant floral arrangements and exotic vases in her modern still life pieces. Jodie also paints vibrant colour fields in her expressionist abstract paintings.

Barry Novis

Paintings by artist Barry Novis hang in the homes and offices of celebrity and corporate collectors all over the world. His collectors include Coldplay, Joanna Lumley, Hit & Run Music, HMV Music, Rugby star Victor Ubogu, the National Trust UK and Four Seasons Hotel Sydney.

Janey Richards

Janey’s love of colour, nature and abstraction shines through each of her unique works. Her spontaneous use of acrylic paints and inks, with her go with the flow process brings a vibrant energy. Janey’s garden studio and hinterland surroundings are the perfect setting for inspiration.

Lee Birch Art

Welcome to Lee Birch’s world of colour, heart and soul, where vibrant and energetic paintings invite you to immerse yourself in tranquility and beauty. Lee is an intuitive, abstract artist who takes inspiration from the calming ocean colours of Noosa National Park. Allow yourself to feel atpeace by her art.

Ursula Braunshirn

Discover Ursula’s increasingly popular Pointillist paintings! Come, see, discover for yourself. Wouldn’t you love to collect and own beautiful light filled spiritual healing art? Let it enrich your life and easily transform your home into an inspiring healing space, magically drawing you into your innate resourcefulness, health, wellbeing and joy.

Virginia Spencer-Bower

Inspiration comes from flowers for Virginia. The intricacies of flowers allow the Artist to cleverly abstract them giving a unique look not seen elsewhere. Acrylics are Virginia’s choice of medium as they lend themselves to many varying applications.

Trevor Hood

Trevor is an experienced artist, designer, and teacher. He creates images using visual memories and is inspired by an obsession with nature’s patterns and colours. Whether acrylics on canvas or works on paper, they are bold, energetic, dramatic, and a response to some of Australia’s extraordinary natural places.

Juanita Van Den Bergh

Juanita VDB is an Australian Artist & Noosa local. Inspired by her surroundings and the cool and eclectic coastal vibe, her works reflect a love for the synergy and interaction of colour. Her original works will not only change the landscape of your interiors, they serve to evoke emotion.

Sancha McGilchrist

Sancha’s creative skills range from mixed media to vibrant acrylics on canvas, ink and botanical press. Her preference leans towards contemporary landscape and still life. Sancha has had 9 exhibitions and her work has gone to all areas throughout Australia and overseas also resident artist at Eumundi Road Gallery

Nedra Purnell Fine Art

Nedra is a storyteller. Her art depicts personal responses to the Australian environment, wildlife and human activity. Pieces invite viewers to share their own experiences, interpreting the use of Nedra’s wealth of visual language elements and techniques. Artworks range through watercolour, acrylic and extensive use of mixed media and drawing.

Karen Rogers

Karen’s art is a ‘wind in your hair’ ride through colour, shape, texture and powerful abstract themes. Inspired by her love of sailing and her years living in London, she weaves her stories of land and sea into bold uplifting images using mark-making, expressive gesture and collage.

Debra Hutton Art

Debra Hutton, lived in Sydney, established Artist and Art Consultant creates in Colin Passmore’s Art House Studio, Lake Cootharaba.Her interplay of colour and layering creates a stunning rhythmic work, that brings the viewer into her world of Italy, a life of travel she remembers during her years with Qantas.

Stacey Petersen

Stacey lives and paints amongst the beautiful beaches of Queensland’s Sunshine Coast. Her current series of watercolour paintings explores the many wonderful qualities of coastal life. Characterized, by a captivating sense of connection, her minimalist style speaks of an uncluttered life and gratitude for the simple things that bring joy.

Mike Taylor

Mike has lived by the sea his whole life, and is forever inspired by its many moods, colours and movement. Mike captures these in his acrylic on canvas paintings. He says “If my paintings invite you into this beautiful world, then I have succeeded.” Recent work focuses on Noosa.

Martin Taylor

Martin’s paintings are inspired by his life overseas and his travels in Australia and abroad. He works in a variety of media – oils, acrylics, ink, water colour and gouache. The media is selected based on the subject matter and mood Martin is seeking to capture. His oil and acrylic

Kate Florence

Kate’s painting practice is work is exploration of human existence through paint, colour and form, she continues to explore the marriage of classical and abstract.

Sarah Drysdale

Sarah’s ceramic work is distinctive for her detailed decoration utilizing the ancient arts of sgraffito and mishima. Her designs are often inspired by plant life, especially flowers, leaves and wild grasses. Sarah also draws and paints in ink, watercolour and acrylic, with occasional additions of texture with yarn and fabric.

Jan Murphy

Jan’s art filled with colour, life, created with acrylic, mixed media, collage and found objects. Her hand-made stencils and scratching and scraping add interest and texture. With recent successful exhibitions, Jan is looking forward to showing her new work at Noosa Open Studios 2023. Her photographs have been sold worldwide.

Fiona Groom

As an Artist I like to create emotion, reaction and narrative, Animal Life is what inspires and informs me, and as the composition slowly comes to life, it begins to establish itself with its own story, its own response to evoke and a sentiment that lingers on.

Dale Leach Art

Dale has been interested in art all her life. However during her working life, she either had no money for art supplies or no time to use them. It has only been possible to pursue her passion for painting and art making since leaving full time work permanently.

Saren Dobkins

Saren’s expressive and narrative works are animated with colour and emotion. A professional oil painter for over 30 years, her work is held in public and private collections. Her distinctive style is bold, painterly and thoughtful. She sensitively portrays our humanity, exploring our universal internal landscapes with humour and insight.

Dave Gilbert

Dave paints in watercolour and acrylics. He incorporates skills from his pastry-cooking days, using pallet knives and piping bags to add structure and texture to his work. He has a passion for working with clay and his award-winning sculptures brighten up many homes interstate and overseas.

Dinah Wakefield

Dinah’s paintings are enjoyed all over the world, including collections in New York, London, Paris and throughout Australia. She is known for the tremendous sense of movement and energy that she captures in her paintings and the beautiful ambience her work creates.

Susan Schmidt

Susan’s paintings are contemporary and figurative with subtle abstract elements and surprises. Acrylic and oil layered and rubbed back evoking nostalgia. Inviting appreciation for the taken for granted, reflecting concern for the environment and sustainable living. Her works are exhibited, awarded and collected nationally and internationally.

Jenny Hines Art

Working in oil and acrylic, Jenny constructs bold landscape images abstracted from the visible world, building a composition of fragmented memories drawn from her physical, spiritual and emotional recollections. Distinct and multifaceted images solidify a natural presence – one of the weather, colour and texture of foliage.

Helen Lawson

Portraiture,Still Life, and Contemporary genres are the focus areas of Helen’s artwork. Mixed Media allows the creation of exciting elements to the visual surface. The contemporary canvas describes the emotions and the vibrant world that surrounds us. Commissions are most welcome.

Giuliana De Witts Art

Inspired by nature Giuliana breathes her sunny coast locale at Sunrise Beach into her painting, print making, expressive mark making, and life drawing.
Colour and movement merge in her works, a celebration of the relationship between art and the artist, spanning 27 years of creative freedom!

Rossella Van Vugt

Rossella Van Vugt works from a small home studio in Sunrise Beach, Qld. She is inspired by many overseas, interstate and local trips she has taken over the years as well as her love for the Noosa River precinct. She depicts her paintings from her photo reference material. Her paintings

Jennie Smith

Jennie is a Cooroy based artist who has a love of nature that is reflected in her vibrant floral paintings. Her abstracts show a quirky view of the world while the geometric abstracts show her love of form & structure. Every painting has a sense of fun & joy.

Kay Wright

With a passion for alternative firing methods, Kay uses organic materials to create unique Saggar and Raku fired ceramics.
Kay’s paintings are abstracted from nature and reflect a deep connection to her local environment. Her preferred medium is oil and cold wax.
Constant experimentation is key to her practice.

Jen Jay Art

For many years, Jen has enjoyed palette knife painting Noosa’s beaches. Her latest series Noosa from above, a bird’s point of view “perspective” incorporating the water ways and Noosa’s Everglades. Intriguing the viewer to be challenged by objects and shapes, with the sunlight and shadows approximating the east coasts time

Kym Henkee-Poole

Kym loves playing with paint. She works primarily in acrylics, creating contempary pieces that draw on the bold colours and shapes from in the natural environment.

Robyn Moon

Robyns work mainly focuses on Realism in Portraiture & figurative work in oils, which she has studied in depth over many years. Recently, Robyn has exhibited in Salon De Refuses Brisbane Portrait Prize, Salon De Refuses John Villiers Outback Prize, Petrie Gallery Brisbane & Mirror-Mirror at the Butter Factory.

Sonia Begley Art

Sonia’s art brings the lush tropical surrounds of nature into the home with her modern colourful botanicals and Australian flora’n’fauna. Painting is an expression of passion for her environment, the lush colours and shapes of the surrounding rainforests, coral reefs and hinterland, capturing the essence of nature on canvas.

Beatrice Prost

Take a deep breath and immerse yourself into Beatrice’s studio. Her creative place is an amphitheatre of green where you will journey throughout underwater dreams. Inspired by the organic geometries of coral life, Beatrice paints XLarge canvasses and carves aluminium. Her art is like a reef on steroids.

Trish Sheppard Art

Trish’s passion for travel, colour and the sea clearly influences her works. As an artist and photographer she enjoys capturing spontaneous images, locally, nationally and internationally and uses an expansive array of subject matter.

Alison Comber

Alison is a self-taught artist who loves to hunt down second hand items and turns them into imaginative sculptures in her many creative moments. She creates fantastic robots, birds, insects, colourful earrings and other fantasy pieces. Alison has embraced abstract painting in mixed media giving her a new direction.

Mitchell English

Mitchell English is an Australian contemporary artist. With a career spanning more than 30 years, Mitch’s paintings have an undeniably Australian, coastal aesthetic. His work is his highly sought after and held in both public and private collections, nationally and internationally.


Painting asks questions. Jule works by capturing the essence of curiosity, keeping itself fresh until it reveals itself. She paints people, landscapes, flora, still-life, figures in settings and life as she sees it. Acrylic, gouache, oil and drawings with a strong sense of colour and gesture in a contemporary style.

Trevor Purvis

Trevor is an award winning artist. His energetic, contemporary outback paintings are now collected all around Australia including by many commercial art galleries in the capital cities. His popular Energise Your Painting workshops attract art hungry students to his Maluti Studio and to his famous outback painting experiences.

Marg Watt Artwork

Marg is a mixed media artist, watercolorist and a creator of unique cyanotypes. Inspiration for Marg comes from the beauty and detail found in the environment where she loves to push the boundaries of traditional watercolour to create colourful and engaging artworks that will brighten any contemporary wall space.

Bronwyn Barton

Bronwyn creates contemporary artworks expressing her close connection to her bushland environment. Her use of colour, expressive brushstrokes and mark making result in artworks that are striking from a distance but provides so much more to explore when you get in close.