Bulumbeer Gardens & Art Gallery

Steven Hill is a visual concept artist, specialising in large format, impactful, feature wall art. Steven is the curator of Bulumbeer Gardens, a unique hinterland creative space that features an array of Secret Gardens showcasing his latest compositions in all weather outdoor art. A must see exhibition.

Tracey Lee Textiles

Tracey Lee makes handmade journals using tea and coffee-stained papers, vintage lace, silk ribbons, and handmade ephemera. Her journals are beautifully crafted to be used for journaling, drawing, painting, etc. Each journal is a unique piece made with great attention to detail, reflecting Tracey Lee’s passion for creating beautiful things.

Fiona MacCulloch

Fiona weaves African tribal symbolism into recycled timber and wrought iron to create her unique pieces of furniture. Her home gallery in Doonan features a sublime collection of her work along with African sculpture, jewellery, textiles and collectables.

Jane Powell

Jane used to joke that she ‘worked to fund her art habit’. Now a retiree, she is free to pursue art as inspiration takes her. At Lily Pad Studio, visitors will enjoy a variety of 2D works in differing mediums and subjects.

Gail Affleck

Gabi Timm’s multidisciplinary practice spans across sculpture, printmaking, painting and handmade artisan jewellery. Her wearable treasures, inspired by nature, are a fusion of recycled, up-cycled and ethically sourced materials. Her studio is an eclectic collection of objects and materials where Gabi explores and experiments with unconventional art processes.

Gabi Timm

Gabi Timm’s multidisciplinary practice spans across sculpture, printmaking, painting and handmade artisan jewellery. Her wearable treasures, inspired by nature, are a fusion of recycled, up-cycled and ethically sourced materials. Her studio is an eclectic collection of objects and materials where Gabi explores and experiments with unconventional art processes.

Lucy Laino

Lucy is an artist and art teacher, working from her studio in Tewantin. She draws on the natural environment exploring shapes, pattern, and texture with a focus on repetition. Obsessed with fine lines and details, Lucy works on paper and canvas, experimenting with an ever-changing array of mediums and processes.

Gayle Lockley

Gayle lives in Noosa & takes inspiration from the tropical surroundings to combine colours with different mediums to create a vibrant style.

Simone Z Leao (Outer)

Simone’s innovative approach to textile art and fashion design includes the creation of unique fabric patterns based on her drawings and 3D-textiles through fabric manipulation techniques. Her artwork is focused on the tension between the uniqueness of the individual and the collectiveness of the society and the environment they belong.

Noreen Flood

Living by Lake Cooroibah inspires the artist to create mainly mixed medium contemporary and expressionistic work using mark-making as a means of conveying impressions. Each piece influenced by the inner soul and visual memory. This multi-award winning artist uses layering in her works from freely expressed to controlled and focused.

Sancha McGilchrist

Sancha’s creative skills range from mixed media to vibrant acrylics on canvas, ink and botanical press. Her preference leans towards contemporary landscape and still life. Sancha has had 9 exhibitions and her work has gone to all areas throughout Australia and overseas also resident artist at Eumundi Road Gallery

Nedra Purnell Fine Art

Nedra is a storyteller. Her art depicts personal responses to the Australian environment, wildlife and human activity. Pieces invite viewers to share their own experiences, interpreting the use of Nedra’s wealth of visual language elements and techniques. Artworks range through watercolour, acrylic and extensive use of mixed media and drawing.

Eileen Thompson Art

Eileen is a mixed media artist working with a variety of mediums including alcohol inks and water colours. She is influenced by nature and bright bold colours are often a feature of her art.

Jan Murphy

Jan’s art filled with colour, life, created with acrylic, mixed media, collage and found objects. Her hand-made stencils and scratching and scraping add interest and texture. With recent successful exhibitions, Jan is looking forward to showing her new work at Noosa Open Studios 2023. Her photographs have been sold worldwide.

Jo Cook

Jo is developing some layered mixed media pieces using fabric, vintage ephemera and found objects. She is also producing tiles as trivets featuring her original artworks as decals as well as some quirky ceramic pieces. Her gift range of scarves, journal, cards and more will be available too.

Helen Lawson

Portraiture,Still Life, and Contemporary genres are the focus areas of Helen’s artwork. Mixed Media allows the creation of exciting elements to the visual surface. The contemporary canvas describes the emotions and the vibrant world that surrounds us. Commissions are most welcome.

Giuliana De Witts Art

Inspired by nature Giuliana breathes her sunny coast locale at Sunrise Beach into her painting, print making, expressive mark making, and life drawing.
Colour and movement merge in her works, a celebration of the relationship between art and the artist, spanning 27 years of creative freedom!

Charlotte Wensley

Loosely based in the landscape painting genre, Charlotte’s work is concerned with multidimensional experiences of physical spaces. The socio-spatial interactions that happen between people, places and emotions, both historically embedded over time and in the chance encounter of the moment, are recurrent themes in her work.

Beatrice Prost

Take a deep breath and immerse yourself into Beatrice’s studio. Her creative place is an amphitheatre of green where you will journey throughout underwater dreams. Inspired by the organic geometries of coral life, Beatrice paints XLarge canvasses and carves aluminium. Her art is like a reef on steroids.

Alison Comber

Alison is a self-taught artist who loves to hunt down second hand items and turns them into imaginative sculptures in her many creative moments. She creates fantastic robots, birds, insects, colourful earrings and other fantasy pieces. Alison has embraced abstract painting in mixed media giving her a new direction.


Painting asks questions. Jule works by capturing the essence of curiosity, keeping itself fresh until it reveals itself. She paints people, landscapes, flora, still-life, figures in settings and life as she sees it. Acrylic, gouache, oil and drawings with a strong sense of colour and gesture in a contemporary style.

Rowley Drysdale

Rowley is known as one of Australia’s foremost ceramic artists. His practice spans four decades in ceramics, particularly wood fired work and the development of high fired glazes. His 2D artwork explores non traditional surface techniques, such as the use of raw earth, pigments and multi layered painting sequences.

Kerry Norman Art

Creating Joy through Art. Kerry loves to share her Knowledge of all mediums in art especially utilising the natural enviroment at her hinterland property. This year Kerry will be Selling her popular Cyanotypes and Botanical Eco Prints as well as facilitating workshops over the10 days. This Studio is really worth

Marg Watt Artwork

Marg is a mixed media artist, watercolorist and a creator of unique cyanotypes. Inspiration for Marg comes from the beauty and detail found in the environment where she loves to push the boundaries of traditional watercolour to create colourful and engaging artworks that will brighten any contemporary wall space.