Kelly Williams Design

Kelly is a printmaker and illustrator. With a background in surface and visual design, she has a keen eye for colour and pattern. From her tiny backyard studio she carves her own blocks printing on paper and textiles. Kelly also illustrates in watercolour combining block print techniques in her designs.

Gabriella Sutherland

Gabby begins drawing by digitally montaging her photographs, manipulating and dousing them with colour. The secret, often troubling, social justice subject matter is buried and woven into the layers of pastel she adds to the printed surface.
Gabby’s glass art is a meditative, therapeutic process inspired by Australian landscape wonders.

Paulus Kooij

Born in Amsterdam. Retired Engineering project manager.Developed his artistic skills at an early age. He is a skilled visual artist and illustrator with a vivid imagination pushing the boundaries of traditions and ethics. Sold many artworks over the years but rarely participated in competitions.

Jane Powell

Jane used to joke that she ‘worked to fund her art habit’. Now a retiree, she is free to pursue art as inspiration takes her. At Lily Pad Studio, visitors will enjoy a variety of 2D works in differing mediums and subjects.

Dots by Donna

Donna’s patience, discipline and love for drawing in dots, has quite literally turned into works of art. She has an amazing gift (and clearly very steady hand) for the drawing technique known as stippling, pointillism or dotwork.

Lucy Laino

Lucy is an artist and art teacher, working from her studio in Tewantin. She draws on the natural environment exploring shapes, pattern, and texture with a focus on repetition. Obsessed with fine lines and details, Lucy works on paper and canvas, experimenting with an ever-changing array of mediums and processes.


Painting asks questions. Jule works by capturing the essence of curiosity, keeping itself fresh until it reveals itself. She paints people, landscapes, flora, still-life, figures in settings and life as she sees it. Acrylic, gouache, oil and drawings with a strong sense of colour and gesture in a contemporary style.