Coastal Studio Ceramics

Jasmine Hayes is the designer & maker for Coastal Studio Ceramics. Jasmine’s durable tableware, cups, hand basins & wall art are ethically made in small batches so she can focus on quality. Jasmine also offers fun pottery workshops and creates unique ceramic underglaze transfers for potters that are sold worldwide.

Mel Lumb Ceramics

Mel is a ceramic artist creating one-off homewares, wall art and sculptural pieces from a purpose built studio in the Noosa hinterland. She adopts a slow, sustainable practice that encompasses exhibition work, custom interiors projects and private workshops. Her imprint is natural and earthy with a modern aesthetic.

Stormy Noosa

Gail uses a variety of clays to handbuild her functional wares and sculptures. The flora and fauna, of her local area ,the Sunshine Coast, and travels to other places and countries, influence the decoration and subjects of the pieces she creates. An ex-teacher, she loves to share skills learnt.


Coming from a background in ceramics and glass, Leith dived into polymer clay 2 years ago – fascinated with it’s greater freedoms and possibilities. She finds her focus often polymer jewellery, still exploring all 3 mediums from her Peregian Beach home, inspired by the serenity of the beach lifestyle. Coming from a background in ceramics and glass, Leith dived into polymer clay 2 years ago – fascinated with it’s greater freedoms and possibilities.

Jayne Hodgson Art

Jayne’s a professional artist with a unique style. Her bold, fluid, textural works reflect our natural environment. The use of colour and light ‘invite’ the observer to engage with the painting. “The exhibition is a symphony of colour…these paintings could fill any room with energy…a stimulating exhibition.” Oman Observer

Anwen Thomas

Anwen sees ceramics as an opportunity to align creativity and scientific enquiry. Drawing inspiration from the natural environment, her attention to form is creative and intuitive, while her insight into glaze chemistry has helped her develop a cohesive collection with a unique and modern aesthetic.

Gunter Schwarz

Hunter has been making pottery for over four decades. His main interest is making sculptural vessels which are mainly hand built, carved and/or twisted but also partly thrown on the wheel. He digs and mixes his own local clay.

Gayle Lockley

Gayle lives in Noosa & takes inspiration from the tropical surroundings to combine colours with different mediums to create a vibrant style.

Azure Pottery

Sue takes inspiration from her former career in horticultural science and love of nature. Her works use earthy tones, the greens of hinterland country, and turquoise blues of the sea. While some works are functional many are decorative pieces inspired by the environment and the vibrant hues of her surroundings.

Bage Studios

Having taken up ceramics and ceramic sculpture since retiring Neita now enjoys all her spare time working with clay, whether it is throwing on the wheel, hand building or creating figurative sculptures. Neita says she loves the forgiving nature of clay and it’s endless possibilities.

Irene Visser

Irene lives in Marcus Beach, where the ocean and Noosa’s unique natural environment inspire and inform her work. Fascinated by small details, Irene strives to recreate the wonder of small things in nature, where the possibilities are limitless. Her work is a mixture of functional ware and whimsical sculpture forms.

Kim Wallace Ceramics

Born and raised in the Netherlands, Kim Wallace has called Australia home for over twenty years. Kim’s eye for design and attention to detail coupled with her passion for high quality product.

Sarah Drysdale

Sarah’s ceramic work is distinctive for her detailed decoration utilizing the ancient arts of sgraffito and mishima. Her designs are often inspired by plant life, especially flowers, leaves and wild grasses. Sarah also draws and paints in ink, watercolour and acrylic, with occasional additions of texture with yarn and fabric.

Dennis Forshaw Pottery

The metamorphic or transformative qualities in my work, are about growth, change, and enlightenment, this reinforces the power of life and how special it can be. I am working towards the unknown, exploring all possibilities. Creating works that speak for themselves, this is important to me.

Wendy Britton

Wendy has a great sense of fun which comes through in her quirky bright and colourful pieces. She also like to incorporate her love of the flora and fauna which is in abundance in her surrounds. She things the best part of being a full time ceramicist is the variety.

Dave Gilbert

Dave paints in watercolour and acrylics. He incorporates skills from his pastry-cooking days, using pallet knives and piping bags to add structure and texture to his work. He has a passion for working with clay and his award-winning sculptures brighten up many homes interstate and overseas.

Pan Pottery

Pan Pottery pots are hand made by Angus McDiarmid using a traditional woodfire kiln, kick wheel and a blend of Australian and locally dug clays. Making in his new studio which is built with hand milled local timber, Angus’ goal isn’t creating a beautiful pot, it’s creating a beautiful life.

Hart Fire Designs

Melbourne born artist Kerry Sanders now living in the Mary Valley Queensland, has been working with ceramics for over 30 years. Kerry’s inspiration comes from the natural world, using form, texture and colour to express its’ beauty. Kerry works with a number of clays to create functional and sculptural works.

Carol Watkins Ceramics

Carol has been working with ceramics for 17 years and has exhibited in a number of galleries on the Sunshine Coast.She favours alternative firing methods such as saggar, raku, and naked raku, with each piece being a ‘one off’ with sometimes breathtaking results. Serendipity really.

Maria Brown

Maria is an Art teacher who now focuses on her own Art practice, primarily Ceramics. Her motivation is to create unique vessels and objects of beauty that reflect many of the inherent design elements she observes in the natural environment. Maria continues to teach via small group workshops.

Kay Wright

With a passion for alternative firing methods, Kay uses organic materials to create unique Saggar and Raku fired ceramics.
Kay’s paintings are abstracted from nature and reflect a deep connection to her local environment. Her preferred medium is oil and cold wax.
Constant experimentation is key to her practice.

Julia Vail

Originally from Paris, Julia went to Bath Academy of Art in the UK where she completed a Bachelor of Arts in Three Dimensional Design (Ceramics). Her interest has always been in hand-built forms focusing on curved, tactile and asymmetrical vessels with one form inspiring and leading to the next.

Sonia Conti

Sonia‘s unique artwork are inspired by her experiences from throughout the world. She constantly creates exciting new designs using different techniques. Sonia has a passion for hand built and wheel thrown clay pieces and also painting with acrylic. Art and craft have always been a part of her life.

Rowley Drysdale

Rowley is known as one of Australia’s foremost ceramic artists. His practice spans four decades in ceramics, particularly wood fired work and the development of high fired glazes. His 2D artwork explores non traditional surface techniques, such as the use of raw earth, pigments and multi layered painting sequences.